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Fillings and Extractions – Tooth decay occurs when sugars from food turn to acid and attack tooth enamel.  It is important that diseased teeth and parts of teeth are not left in the mouth as the effects can spread and cause more damage. Your dentist will advise on the most appropriate type of filling from the many materials available, including white fillings to preserve your smile.  Where an extraction is necessary, we do everything possible to make it as painless and convenient as possible.  Crowns and Bridges – A crown is an artificial cap which restores the shape of damaged or unsightly teeth.  The crown is made especially to the desired shape and colour.  The tooth is then prepared by your dentist to give a firm basis for the crown. When the crown is then fixed permanently over the tooth, you have an attractive, long lasting replacement.   A bridge replaces a missing tooth by an artificial tooth joined to crowns over the two adjoining teeth. Dental Hygiene  and Gum Treatments - Periodontal diseases affect the tissue of the gums and can eventually lead to tooth loss.  Gum diseases are caused by plaque – a film of bacteria that form on the teeth. A dental check-up with us will spot the early signs of disease which may also result in bleeding from the gums.   Thorough cleaning will be done by a dentist or hygienist. You will be shown how to remove plaque yourself and your teeth monitored to prevent recurrence.


Racefield Dental Limerick offer various aspects of family and cosmetic dentistry: Root Canal Treatment - When the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected, this can cause an abscess which will lead to further infection and may require the loss of the tooth. Root canal treatment involves removing the infection, cleaning out the canal and filling it to prevent further infection.  This requires skilled dentistry and takes time, but is done under local anesthetic and is no more painful than an ordinary filling. Tooth Whitening Limerick - Teeth can gradually discolour with age, diet and after some treatments such as root canal. Tooth or teeth whitening can lighten the colour of teeth to improve appearance and give you back a dazzling smile.  While there are toothpastes and home kits which promise to whiten teeth, it is always more effective and safer to discuss your needs with your dentist. Cosmetic Dentistry - More and more people are worried about the appearance of their teeth after accident, injury or as a result of ageing. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Limerick, at Racefield Dental surgery we have huge experience and all the expertise needed to give you the smile you would like.  There is a whole range of techniques and treatments.  The best way to start is to make an appointment to see us.  We can examine your teeth, tell you what should be done, what will be involved and how much it will cost. Dental Implants - We are vastly experienced in fitting dental implants in Limerick. Implants are a way of fitting false teeth through a titanium metal rod placed in the jawbone.  This allows new teeth to be permanently fixed without the need for a bridge, so any number of teeth can be replaced.  Implant technology has been shown to give long-lasting and strong new teeth Endodontic Treatment - (Root Canal Treatment) Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is necessary when the nerve of the tooth (pulp) and surrounding area becomes irreversibly inflamed, or infected. This can be as a result of cracking, decay or injury. Root Canal Treatments can save a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed, and allow you to keep the tooth for a longer time. The treatment involves the pulp of the tooth being removed and the cavity sealed. Sometimes after this, and depending on the strength of the remaining structure, the tooth will require either a filling or a crown to reinforce the tooth after root canal treatment has been completed. Your dentist will discuss the best option for you. At Racefield Dental, we have the most modern technology including Rotary instruments (to reduce the amount of time a patient has to spend in the chair), Digital x-rays and special anaesthetics to make sure every Endodontic Treatment is comfortable for our patients. Root Canal Treatment usually takes one to two visits. Price vary from €350 to €650 depending on the tooth and complexity