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New Patients

Your first visit to Racefield Dental?

If its your first visit we want it to be a pleasant and calm experience and to achieve this it is important to have you as prepared as possible. When you make your appointment you will be asked whether you have any insurance cover e.g V.h.i, P.r.s.i cover or a Medical card. If you have a medical card you will need to bring it with you to your appointment and you will also need up to date photo identification ie. Drivers licence or passport. Unfortunately we need this as we have had patients attempting to use another persons card in the past. Medical cards cover a check up annuallyand bitewing x-rays for free and also cover some treatments . For a more comprehensive list see here. If you think you may be qualified on your p.r.s.i you need to give your p.p.s number to the receptionist when making your appointment.  We will then contact the Department and confirm your cover. If qualified, your check up is free and scale and pilish only €15!! All patients will receive  a text and/or an email 24 hrs prior to their appointment except for Monday patients who will get the notification that morning.  If you don’t get this please contact surgery as something may be amiss with your appointment.  
When you arrive, our receptionist will give you some forms to fill in. The first will be to get your details and your medical history. It is very important to fill this in as many of our procedures can be affected by certain medical conditions . If you are on a lot of medication it might be a good idea to bring a print out from your pharmacy. P.R.S.I. patients have to fill out a dedicated P.R.S.I. form every time they claim for a check up as this form is sent to the Department. After all this form filling it will usually be just a short wait to see the Dentist. After a quick chat to discuss any concerns you have about your teeth you will be examined,this will include amouth cancer exam. We will often have to take some x-rays and after this a treatment plan and estimate of cost will be done. All patients will receive a written estimate.Please don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions we welcome them. For some patients there will be enough time to start some treatment but for the more complicated examinations it may be put off for another visit.
New patients