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Kids at Racefield Dental Limerick

At Racefield we love kids! We really would like a child's first dental experience to be a great one so they grow up with a positive attitude to their oral health. It's really important to bear in mind that children are not born to hate going to the dentist, they usually acquire this fear from their parents, siblings or from a traumatic experience. We recommend that children come to visit us at around 2 years old. I know this sounds very young but you would be surprised how many of them need treatment at a very young age. More importantly we would prefer to be just doing a check up, maybe a little cleaning and giving out stickers !! That way they associate coming to the dentist with as an enjoyable time. There is nothing worse than kids only coming to visit us when they are in pain.

Why do we care about baby teeth?

Baby teeth are really important for lots of reasons. Firstly your little one needs them to chew and digest their food efficiently but also they act as a space maintainer for the adult teeth and if they are lost earlier it could mean he/she would need orthodontics and that treatment could also be more complicated. But of course most importantly of all nobody wants their child to have to have treatments, particularly extractions if it can be avoided. Over 10,000 children per year in Ireland have to have a general anaesthetic just because they have decayed teeth and we think this is an unacceptable risk to take. When your child and you have been to the dentist at an early age, we have the opportunity to teach him/ her about taking care of their teeth and also to educate parents about the minefield that is diet in young children.

How do I prepare them for their first visit?

We think the best way is to not make too big of a deal of it! Just tell them they will get to sit in a cool chair and have their teeth counted . Tell them the dentist's first name ( we are very informal around here) and tell them they can ask her any questions they want.